Lucerne Elementary Secondary School



Though our numbers are small—we have approximately 40  students from Grades 8 – 12 – at Lucerne School we offer a full range of academic and elective programs through a variety of innovative practices and as a result of the diverse gifts and backgrounds of our multi-talented secondary staff. Some of our electives include: Shop, Writing, Culinary Arts, Fine Arts, Outdoor Education, Fitness, PE, and Languages.

Multi-graded classrooms

Most of our courses are multi-graded. In some courses such as Math and Science, the curriculum is separate for each grade level; in some courses such as English, students are able to work at a range of levels within a multi-graded classroom. Our teachers are talented at adapting to the individual needs of students.

Small Class Size

Most of our class sizes are relatively small when compared to our urban counterparts. Most classes maintain sizes of 12 – 20. As a result, students get lots of individual attention.

Help for Students with Diverse and Special Needs

We offer strong support to students who need extra help with Education Assistants in the classrooms, and the services of our Learning Assistance teacher. In addition, our teaching staff is well versed in strategies to help learners with challenges to be successful in the regular classroom.

High Quality Academic Programs:

Our academic standards are high at Lucerne. Our students score above the district and provincial averages in many of the classes we offer. Our teachers are well trained in current educational research and offer after school and lunch hour tutorial times to all students. We are very proud that Lucerne graduates have won the most prestigious scholarships in Canada, (two students have been awarded the Loran Award in the last ten years), and have their choice of post – secondary options after they graduate from our small but mighty rural school!

Immersion Electives and Independent Learning

 With the 21st Century well on its way, at Lucerne, staff recognize that students need to have more decision making in their own learning – not just how but also when and what. We are offering nine immersion elective weeks that will provide students with credits in Applied Skills, Fine Arts, or Outdoor Education.