Lucerne Elementary Secondary School

Code of Conduct

What We Believe

School Environment

We believe that our school environment should:

  • Be a kind, compassionate safe place that values learning and all needs of students
  • Be a welcoming community that values communication, cooperation, and diversity
  • Embrace a culture of outdoor play and spaces
  • Involve the community, staff and students working together to create a welcoming positive climate and culture inside the school and outside in the greater community

Student Success

We want our students to:

  • Be compassionate, connected and confident in being able to question.
  • Rise to the challenge by using self-regulation to follow their curiosity and make a difference
  • Recognize that it is ok to accept help, and that failure is part of the learning process
  • Have positive growth that is based on self-awareness, self-regulation, self-assessing, and risk taking
  • Assess their learning through a growth mindset lens, which celebrates GRIT (Growth, Resiliency, Integrity, Tenacity)

Teaching and Learning

We believe that powerful teaching and learning:

  • Is grounded in sound pedagogy that honors students gifts and involves an authentic relationship with community
  • Comes from inspired students and staff who are engaged, passionate and excited, and use differentiated learning to meet all learners based on students strengths, needs, and interests
  • Is structured and scaffolded for student success


We believe assessment should:

  • See all students — recognize where they started and how they have improved — through collaboration, showcasing, and sharing with the greater school community
  • Involve Students who are happy, excited and proud of their learning
  • Be based on assessment for learning strategies